Whether you are into traditional tattoos, pop culture, or a mash-up of the two, our skilled tattoo artists will give you a tattoo you will be proud to show off for a lifetime.

A photo ID is required by law for all tattoos.

Tattoos on Minors 

We started tattooing minors (with parent/guardian consent) because we've seen the quality of tattoos that minors are usually stuck with. We want everyone, even minors, to have great work that you'll be able to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Parental consent is required for all tattoos on minors. Bring a photo ID for both the parent and the minor. If you have different last names, please bring a birth certificate.

Tattoo Cover-ups 

Everyone makes a bad decision now or then. Maybe you no longer like the art you chose, maybe it's too small, maybe you just went to the wrong artist the first time. Whatever the issue, we won't judge. We just want you to love your body art.

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